How you start your day sets the tone. 



Could you benefit from a Morning and Evening planner?


An Abundant 

Life Is Within Reach

Joyful Living with Bonna Heintz

Own Your Day

I am all about owning your life. In order to own your life, you need to take action and Own your morning and Day.

I have created the perfect solution. Not only will you be able to track your day, but you will also better yourself with doing a daily gratitude practice.


Now is the time to gain clarity and start owning your life.

Meet Bonna

Certified Life Coach

After losing over 100lbs, one would think that I had my 'stuff' together.  However, I was more broken than I had ever been before.  My life was a mess.  No, I was a mess.  My misery was affecting all aspects of my life - my marriage, my kids,  and my job.  It felt like it was all about to come crumbling down.  That was when I came to the conclusion that I needed help.  

I hired a Life Coach, and that Life Coach helped me turn my life around with a personalized plan.  

After all my own healing, all I wanted is to help others  discover and live their own joyful abundant lives.

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What I Specialize in!

One to One Coaching

Morning Program

 Goal Setting

Personalized  Plan

What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.


"I've set the correct boundaries with people in my life that I never would have, she's helped me with my anxiety and overwhelming feelings.  I am the woman I am today because of Bonna."

- Dani H.

"Bonna, the work you do not only transforms women, but also whole families and the future of our children."

- Laura L.

“I'm so grateful for Bonna's help.  Her guidance and love have been such a blessing.  She is a such a bright light in my life.”

- Carol D.

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