Meet Bonna

Certified Life Coach

After losing over 100lbs, one would think that I had my 'stuff' together.  However, I was more broken than I had ever been before.  My life was a mess.  No, I was a mess.  My misery was affecting all aspects of my life - my marriage, my kids,  and my job.  It felt like it was all about to come crumbling down.  That was when I came to the conclusion that I needed help.  

I hired a Life Coach, and that Life Coach helped me turn my life around with a personalized plan.  The journey wasn't always easy, tears were shed, questions asked, and walls were hit (metaphorically).  I was committed to the process.   No matter how hard it was, I knew I had too much to lose it if didn't discover my joy again.


After all my own healing, all I want is to help others discover, and live their own joyful abundant lives.  So, I got educated.  I attained my Life Coach Certification and I started reading.  I read a lot. 

 Now, I am ready to help you.  Like someone helped me.

Mark Twain said, "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life."  That is exactly how I feel about coaching.